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You only get one chance to make a first impression

Writers can’t be objective about their own work. They’re too close to it. Errors and inconsistencies happen easily, even to the most accomplished writers, and lead to readers becoming distracted and distrustful.

This is not what you want. Once you lose your audience,
it’s very hard to get them back.

Under the Stairs Editorial is a professional service with years of industry experience to help you achieve your writing goal: 

to find your readers, to engage, inspire, inform, entertain
and connect with them.

And importantly, keep them coming back.

Manuscript editing

Writing a book is hard. It takes talent, tenacity and an enormous amount of patience.

Under the Stairs Editorial understands how vulnerable a writer feels letting others read their words.

You need an editor who has expertise and compassion in equal measure. 

Whether your goal is self-publishing or traditional publishing, an editor is the critical next step for your completed manuscript. It can make all the difference in your book's success. 

DEEP DIVE: Also known as developmental or structural editing, this looks at the big-picture elements such as structure, plot, theme, point of view, characterisation, setting and consistency. It's an intensive first step in the editing process that will get your book in great shape, particularly for first-time authors.

LINE BY LINE: Also known as copy or line editing, this is a  focused look at the finer details, such as word choice, repetition, grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax and flow. This is typically the second step in the editing process.

LAST LOOK: Also known as proofreading, this is a final tidy-up of the finished pages before they are published, catching any lingering errors, fixing bad line breaks, ensuring format consistency, etc. 

Quotes are individually tailored and take into consideration the length of the manuscript and level of editing required. They are typically generated on a cents-per-word basis.

A complimentary sample edit of 500 words will be undertaken to see if we are the right fit for each other (does not include Read + Report package).



Several packages will be quoted, based on the sample edit, for you to choose what works best for your goals and budget. 

READ + REPORT: A mini service designed to give authors feedback and advice on their writing. It can be done on the whole project or just 10,000 words, depending on your needs and budget. It's like a professional beta read.


A sub-editor is a vital cog in the publication editorial machine but it's often not viable to have one on staff. That's where Under the Stairs Editorial comes in.

Whip your words into tip-top shape for a fraction of the cost of a permanent employee

It's an investment in your reputation and a promise to your readers that you will deliver a high standard every time.

Correct errors, smooth out bumpy phrasing, restructure articles for better readability, check facts

Write engaging headlines and photo captions

Ensure consistency across all areas of publication

Rewrites available on request

Quotes can be  delivered per article, as an agreed flat fee, or as an hourly, half-day or day rate, depending on your needs. Rate card available on request.

Content editing

Documents are checked for clarity, consistency, structure and grammatical errors

Quotes are based on word count and level of editing required. 

Are you a freelance writer, blogger or business that needs a second set of eyes on your copy? You don't want tracked changes or a written report of recommendations,
you just want a clean document that's ready for readers.

Under the Stairs Editorial offers a professional polish of your words, to give you peace of mind before you publish.

A clean, publication-ready document is returned to you

Fast, fuss-free turnaround within 48 hours (pre-booking is essential, urgent jobs will be considered depending on availability but incur a higher fee)

Rewrites available on request



What genres do or don't you edit?

Commercial fiction and lifestyle or general interest publications, articles and blogs are my specialty.

Non-fiction is assessed on a case-by-case basis.

I don't edit technical and academic works, children's books, fantasy, horror or science fiction.


If we aren't the right fit for each other, I'll happily refer you to another editor.

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It's your words,
at their best

An editor won't rewrite your words or remove your voice. 

They don't simply point out all the things you've done wrong.

They work with you to achieve your goal. They determine how to make your voice stronger, louder, more authentic.

They improve readability, remove errors and help you understand how to craft your words for maximum impact.​

An editor is a collaborator, cheerleader and champion for your success.

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